Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Importance of Life

Man's personality being the pivot of his life machine needs appreciable attention so as to ensure its fullest development. The human personality needs to make conscious strides for its growth. If this dimension of man's life is ignored, he unwittingly paves his way to a life of gloom, grief and depression. Whereas, a fully developed personality, while reclaiming morally high ground, makes one a 'satisfied man' gleaming with eternal optimism. Moreover, man being the building block of the world, his growth strengthens the process of world, his growth strengthens the process of world progress. Thus, personality development can invariably become an initiative for world development.

Therefor, investing in one's personality is the biggest investment one can ever make for world advancement – but only, if one comprehends the quintessence of 'advancement' and the very word personality.

Human history is a cocktail of numerous developments in almost all walks of life. Development is a ceaseless process of evolving from the lower level to the next higher level. The transition of man from being a silent spectator to a keen observer, a perceiver, to the active participant of the scientific age portrays this growth process.

A charismatic personality is the center of attraction for all. Man's personality is adorned not only by his external beauty, but also by his actions, or behavior.

Fundamentally, man's personality is demonstrated and determined by the nature of actions performed by him. These actions are not activate directly by the senses, rather are propagated by the mind and intellect as per the information relayed to them by the senses. However, all of them together are inert and inanimate without the vital force provided by pure consciousness. Subsequently, human personality is comprise of three different layers with consciousness at the core:

1. The physical Layer

2. The mental Layer

3. The intellectual Layer

The physical layer perceives the stimulus of the external world. The perceived information is then carried to the mental layer, which then thinks w.r.t. the information supplied thus. These thoughts are then presented before the intellect whose function is to give the final judgment as per the relayed mental thoughts and the experiences stored in our memory. Now let's understand all these activities from biological point of view:

1. Physical Layer: The functions of the physical layer are performed by sense organs of perception, i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin (which perceive the outer stimulus) and by the organs of action, i.e. hands legs, mouth, genital organ and the organ of excretion (which act as per the commands of intellect relayed through the mind).

2. Mental Layer: The functions of the mental layer can be classified into the following:

To receive information from the sense

To think at all levels based on the information received

To place all possible thoughts before intellect for judgment

To relay the judgment given by the intellect to the senses

The process of receiving information from the senses and finally to relay the judgment to the senses is performed by the pons varolli (a small part of our brain stem). The process of thinking is carried on by the parts of our limbic system. These thoughts are then relayed to the intellect via cingulated gyrus.

3. Intellectual Layer: Then comes the intellectual layer whose function is to take final decisions w.r.t. all possible mental thoughts, as well as the stored thoughts in the memory part of the limbic system. This decision making function of the intellect is performed by the prefrontal areas of the frontal lobe.

For the growth and development of one's personality, the need is to coordinate and harmonize all these different personality layers. This harmony promotes well being while balancing man's life and thus enables him to function at successively higher levels of efficiency, coordination, strength, flexibility and ease. The absence of harmony between these personality layers leads to strife and friction between them, for in each and every activity these personality layers have a tendency to act differently. They try to perceive everything in their own respective ways. For instance, when someone serves you tea, you different personality sheaths try to act differently. Your senses just try to grab tea and consume it. Your mind tries to sense the attitude with which it is served. Incase served lovingly, it would plan for enjoying it but incase offered with even a tinge of bitterness, it would suggest to shun ti. Finally, your intellect reflects its own unique way to act as per its stored information. It would advise you to avoid it as it's not good for health. Above all, your consciousness would opt for denial. Thus, all these different personality layers try to act differently in each situation that you encounter.

Hence, if they are not harmonized, the outcome is friction between them. When this friction becomes unmanageable, it leads to the total degradation of your personality. To escape from this degeneration and degradation, man's inner being calls for coordinating all his possible personality sheath.

The intellect should be highly sharpened because it is the intellect, which has to give final judgment for the actions to be performed. So the need is to activate and refine your intellect, which is the discerning equipment in all your actions. Such an activation as well as refinement is feasible which the help of mediation. Not only this, meditation even activates the pineal gland, which basically is considered as the third eye or the seat of the soul. Activation of the pineal gland lead to experience of cosmic visions. Thus, it helps in raising the level of judgment of the intellect as then it can discern not only on the basis of stored experience in the memory, but also on the basis of cosmic experiences through the pineal gland. Consequently, the judgments of the intellect then are more appreciable and reliable. Also, meditation harmonizes the physical layer with the subtle layers. Then on, the actions undertaken by the physical layer are the rightful ones leading to the development of an ever-shining brilliant personality. Then whatever task is entrusted to you, you will be able to perform it with consummate precision.

However, to know the proper mode of meditation, one needs to take the refuge of a Perfect Master, as it is the Perfect Master only who can acquaint you with the genuine and effective meditation process while granting you the gift of true knowledge. Thus, meditation edified by true knowledge or Brahm Gyan revitalizes and empowers you with total dexterity. It even acquaints you with your authenticity. Your authenticity is the sole quality of life that is always the same and yet always different. All human beings are equally powerful when they exhibit their real personality, for their realness is like none other.